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Brad gets wide ready for a 14m pass
Approaching the Slalom course
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Daniel George, Dave & Ben Stuart Luis, George & Sam
Intensive Slalom Family outing Running the slalom course Kids love this
Peter Devon and Allyson,
Vince, Tony and Stuart
Dave, Stuart & Simon Daniel
Dave, Stuart and Simon putting on a show... 16 year old Daniel shows a smooth but determined style which has made him 3rd best in the Club
Aarrgghh - my skis fell off! Pyramid show skiing Pyramid show skiing Competition performance
Ian Vince Brad Luis
Vince shows he's a real Waterbird! Brad gets in to 12m. Wiremill Slalom Supremo 2003!

Luis checks out the lake...

Trick skiing Vince shows he's a real Waterbird! Brad on 12 metre pass Luis takes to the water
Dave with George Brad George Dave
Dave takes George for a ride Brad North (Poser!) George Dave Hawley shows us how to do tricks
Fun on the water Who needs skis? George on Slalom Ski Trick (figure) skiing
Steve How to jump How not to jump Jane
55kph slalom pass Landing a 64 metre jump


Running the slalom course

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